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Kemp High School Fishing Team



Jan StevensJan Stevens- Kemp High School Fishing Sponsor

“I have been a high school math teacher for 20 years. This is my second year teaching in Kemp and sponsoring the fishing team. I am a Kemp alumni and am happy to be home to support the next generation of Jackets.”

Contact Information:


How to Join: There will be an interest meeting held in April each year to provide parents/guardians and students with information needed to join the team. Anyone interested in joining the team needs to do so by August 1st.



2023-2024 Tournament Schedule:

9/23/23 - Tawakoni                                        3/9/24 - Richland Chambers

10/21/23 - Ray Hubbard                                4/13/24 - Regionals at Tawakoni

11/18/23 - Cedar Creek                                  5/18/24 - 5/19/24 - State Contest at Lake Palestine

2/10/24 - Fork

2022-2023 Accomplishments